Well, that’s it. I’ve tried to provide you with useful tips and rules that are designed to help you lose weight and more importantly keep it off. This guide provides you simple rules designed to help you make healthy food choices. The best way to summarize what we have tried to teach you is to go over our PVC Points.

    1. Few foods exist as pure sources of protein. They also contain fat. You must choose wisely. Choose low fat protein sources. Also be aware of your activity level. If you are not very physically active you also need to focus on the amount of carbohydrate in your protein sources. Keep your carbohydrate to protein ratio at 4:1 or less.
    2. Only eat protein from animals that flew or swam when they were alive. Stay away from the land animals and certainly do not rely on dairy products. They all contain saturated fat.
    3. Calories from protein are not “free calories,” they contain fat and can be converted into carbohydrate.
    4. The total amount of protein that you should consume every day is about the size and thickness of one of your palms.
    5. Eat like a gatherer rather than a hunter.
    6. Go green with vegetables! I can’t emphasize more how important this is.
    7. Half the circumference of your plate should be green, not white!
    8. Eat colorful fruit and vegetables. The color usually means there are high levels of antioxidants which are good for you. They help you avoid cancer and heart disease. They will keep you young.
    9. Don’t choose food items with many ingredients. Try to keep the ingredients to less than five. Also, don’t choose food items with ingredients you cannot understand. They are probably not anything you want to eat.
    10. Eat a palm-sized piece of cold water fish at least twice a week to get your Omega-3s.
    11. Don’t eat solid fat. It does nothing good for you.
    12. Stay away from anything that has the words “partially hydrogenated” in it. Cook only with olive oil or canola oil. Beware of trans fats.
    13. Fiber is not calorie free. It can be a significant source of calories.
    14. All fiber is not equal. Some of it is high in calories. Stick with the green vegetables.
    15. Push your carbohydrate intake to later in the day and you will postpone that rush of insulin which stimulates your appetite and starts you on your eating course for the day.
    16. Focus on food density. Eat foods that have a food density less than 4.
    17. Don’t eat the prison food! Make eating in restaurants work for you, not against you.
    18. Make sure your carbohydrate intake matches your activity level: If you are sedentary, then limit your carbohydrates to less than 200 grams in a day. If you are physically active, you can venture up to 400. If you are trying to lose weight, shoot for only 100 grams.
    19. Every meal counts.
    20. Every time you sit down to eat, think PVC.


The Program
Now that you have been educated on the PVC Diet, you probably want to get started. We have a repository of recipes on Pinterest. Weight loss is only one phase of your program. Weight maintenance is a lifelong process. We hope that our website will be a place for you to visit for ongoing assistance. Let us know if you have any questions. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s stay connected. Good Luck!