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PVCDiet_Cover_6x9_FMThe PVC Diet: A simple nutritional solution

Written by: Lawrence R. Kosinski, MD, MBA with co-author Joan Kanute, RD
Contributions by: Danielle Sell
Edited by: Joel Brill, MD
Dedication: For Amelia


Learn the Basics
How Does Your GI Tract Work?
The P’s
The V’s
The C’s
There Is No F in PVC
Let’s Look at Labels
Good Fats vs. Bad Fats
The Case for Fiber
Lactose Intolerance
The Problem with Insulin
It’s All in the Timing
High-Density and Low-Density Foods
Eating in Restaurants
Why are Some Vegetarians “Doughy”
Why “Natural” Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy”
PVC for the Aging Population
The Myth of Gluten-Free
How Your Diet Affects Your GI Tract